Healthy, yummy, crunchy, EASY, Pita Chips!!


Here’s a real easy one and a good one. I ran across this idea while looking up recipes for diabetics. Pita chips are SUPER easy to make, and really really good! They even happen to give you that fiber that your body needs. This recipe has it all , all right! AND as a bonus, if you are on weight watchers,  1 pita, which is 16 of these chips, are only 2.4 points!  I LOVE my carbs, I HAVE To have them. I have an oral fixation for crunchiness too. These pita chips take care of both of those. Not to mention they are quite addictive.

So here’s how to make them…..


Preheat your oven to 350



Now Start with a bag of Whole Wheat Pita’s



Slice one in half




slice it again, going in the other direction (think pizza)



Keep doing this until you end up with 8 pieces



If you have a nice big butcher knife like me, then you can save time by cutting more than one pita at a time




Now fold open each piece, this will be easy to do since its hollow inside




and tear them apart at the seam. Wallah, two pieces, ready to become chips!




Now spray a pan or cookie sheet with non stick spray. This is what I use if I’m not baking. It also gives you the HEALTHY oils and fats that your body needs. This is great stuff



Place all your pulled apart pieces in the greased pan (see where this is going ?)



Now LIGHTLY  spray your pitas with the olive oil again , don’t make them soggy. (note: if you do not have olive oil spray you can skip this step, it works without it too)



Sprinkle your favorite seasonings onto the pitas (the olive oil spray helps the seasonings stick, but if you didn’t use the spray you’ll still get flavoring, don’t panic) I happen to use garlic salt,  I love garlic and its oh so yummy, but any seasoning will do.



Bake for 7-8 min. they will be hard and have started to curl , and some pieces will have browned



let chips cool for a few min. and there you go! Healthy, yummy, crunchy, Pita Chips!!





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