Fishing cake

This is a purely selfish blog post. My husbands birthday was yesterday and I knew I wanted to make him a special cake that was all about HIM. His most favorite place in the entire world is in a boat on a lake with a fishing pole in his hands. So it was no question what his cake needed to look like! I quickly sketched up exactly how I wanted it to look. It actually took me all of five min. to figure it out, which was good because I only had about 7 min before our church service was starting! It took me two days to make this cake from start to finish. Not whole days though, I was out of the house with it at 11 am to deliver it on day two. I took it to his office so he could share. When the cake was completed I busted out in a fit of giggles and couldn’t stop. It looked exactly like I had planned it out.  I couldn’t believe it. It was cute!  lol. So without further ado, here is my hubby fishin on a lake, lol!





I definitely intend to get more practice in on making people.  (need to work on my people skills, ha ha) This was my first time, and he came out kinda blocky, but I needed to make sure that he was going to be stable enough. Cause we women like our men stable 😉



Close up of the cat tails. Everything on this cake is completely edible, minus the fishing pole and fishing line




Close up of the bass fish that he caught, splashing out of the lake 🙂



the lilly pads. I wanted to make tiny frogs too, but ran out of time. I was tickled the flowers turned out so well



Back view of the cake, notice the fish in the boat that he already caught.



Here’s a better view of the fishing line.




The boat was cake that I carved out and covered with fondant.




I only use homemade Marshmallow fondant on my cakes. I won’t use anything else. Not only is it edible, but it actually tastes great! (think cereal marshmallows)


So there you have it, my hubby’s fishing cake. It was so much fun ( i have to laugh here, because I originally typed FIN instead of fun, lol pun intended I suppose!)  to make and gave us all a big smile. It made it in perfect shape, even after a 45 min drive on the bumpiest interstate you could ever drive on! It didn’t last long AFTER it arrived though 😉

Thanks for looking!




2 Responses to “Fishing cake”

  1. Bob Says:

    That’s awesome. Love the splashes around the fish.

  2. cutiecake Says:

    those cat tails are sooo cute! it reminds me of one of those fishing paintings. 🙂

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