Recipe book giveaway number 1!!

One of my most favorite wedding presents that I received was a handmade Cookbook binder from my brother. It was a three ring binder filled with page protectors and on the outside he had inserted food related cartoons  he had torn out from some of his favorite Calvin and Hobbes books. (that’s love right there let me tell ya!) He also filled it with some great recipes. It was an awesome gift to me, a new bride, who hadn’t done much more than cooking mac n cheese from a box before then! He knew I was gonna need all the help I could get! And you know what? After 12 years, I STILL have that cookbook, and it is STILL my main one I always turn to! I won’t post photo’s of it, as in 12 years of dedicated and faithful use its seen it’s share of spills and wear. But that’s why the page protectors are so great!none of the actual recipes ever got messed up! And It’s now also filled with with recipe clippings and recipes on scratch paper, and others of all different shapes and sizes. Another plus to this method of cookbook, you can use any size paper and not worry about loosing it! Even if it’s written out on a paper napkin! 😉 I still have all the original recipes that he added right in the beginning of the book.

So let me just stop for a min and say again ” THANKS JOHN! I LOVE IT! AND USE IT CONSTANTLY!”

Recently I combined my love of cooking with my love of Rubber stamping. (wait did I just say my love of cooking? the reluctant chef loves cooking? WOW I’ve come a long way!) anyway, I wanted to pass on the gift and share the binder cookbook idea with others! So I have whipped up some new handmade recipe binders to give away, complete with 20 page protectors to start you off, and I will also include in a few family recipes to get the ball rolling for you!


So here’s the first one that I am giving away. And I need to give it away soon or I’ll keep it!! I just love these colors! I’m hoping someone out there will too. This one is made out of pretty Purple and Aqua colors. It’s adorned with a really cute chef holding a cupcake (I had to put my love for cupcakes in there somewhere!



here’s a pic of both sides



I don’t think the winner will be dissapointed!

So the question is, would you like to have this recipe binder?

If so, and in celebration of Memorial day weekend , just leave me a comment and tell me what’s your favorite summer food? What are you looking forward to eating the most this summer? is it ice cream? corn on the cob? watermelon? what do you crave on hot summer days? For me I think it’s going to be grilled shrimp this year. I can’t stop craving it! A nice cool fruity drink sounds sooo good too! ok back to you, what does it for you in the hot summer months?? Be sure to leave me a way to contact you!

One entry per person please, if you’d like to be entered twice you may tweet the contest and link back to the blog post for a second entry  (my twitter name is Reluctant_chef) you must add me so I can see it!

Contest will end at Midnight Monday May 25th. (I’m giving it several days since I know many of us will be in and out doing fun memorial day activies and getaways (yours truely included 😉

Winner will be picked by a random number generator and announced on Tuesday May 26th

I have more on the way if purple and aqua don’t do it for you 😉





3 Responses to “Recipe book giveaway number 1!!”

  1. Brenda Campbell Says:

    My favorite summer food is definitely homemade ice cream. I plan on making a lot of it this summer with my new ice cream maker.

  2. Cre8tive Kitchen Says:

    So who won?? LOL or did it get cancelled because of no comments? that is such a cute binder!

  3. Dasha Says:

    So nice to remember the beautiful summer days, just before Christmas! Here in Russia everything is convered in snow. It reminds we of a recipe we always cook in our family in summer: okroshka. Basically, it’s a cold vegetable soup with diluted yogurt in place of water. Very refreshing!

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