Beef Hecka



Two days ago my kids and I got trapped inside walmart for a Lock down during a tornado. It was scary stuff. We quickly lost power in the store and the front doors shattered. The wind was whipping around all the hanging signs, the thunder was booming monstrously. Did I mention it was scary stuff? After the main danger has past Walmart decided to kick everyone out into the storm since their power was still out. Nice. The point of all this on my cooking blog, is that we had to leave our shopping cart and head home battling the storm with no food or supplies. Nice. (again) Which brings us to today’s recipe. We didn’t have much food left at home except for some staples, hence the outing to the grocery store. So I whipped up a meal that I grew up with that required very little ingredients. My mother has always called it Beef Hecka. But I hate that name, so personally I refer it to my family as beef and rice. However, since in the recipe world beef and rice could mean millions of things,  I went ahead and let you in on what the recipes is really called. True to Reluctant chef form, this recipe is simple and delicious!

Let’s get started.

(on a quick side note…. I just noticed that when I go on to this website on my laptop all the pictures are cut in half 😦  My main computer has a monster 27 inch monitor so I have been making all my pics big and bold, not realizing that it would hack off part of the picture for people with average sized monitors . So from now on I will be scaling down my pics, at least for the horizontal ones. My apologies for anyone who has experienced this issue!)



Slice up one onion



Slice up some steaks in thin strips. (this one here is a london broil freshly cut strait from the cow just for me from my meat market butcher. mmmmm!) I am SO a carnivore!



To feed a family of five, I cut up about 3 steaks. I’d say it was around 3 pounds or so



Drizzle some olive oil (or butter if you don’t have any oil) in a hot pan and saute your onions until they are soft or about half way done (since onions take longer to cook)




toss in your meat and stir. continue to stir until brown



like this




add in 1/2 cup of sugar and mix well



this will caramelize the meat. It brown’s quick so let’s move on fast



pour in 1 cup of water  and 1 cup of soy sauce



Let simmer for 10 min, it will reduce down a bit. Now serve over rice! don’t forget to pour some of the sauce over your rice, it is mmm mm good!






this recipe is easily halved if making smaller portions. Enjoy!


Beef Hecka


3 pounds sliced steak

1 onion

1/2 cup sugar

1 cup soy sauce

1 cup water

Cooked white rice


Brown onions in small amount of grease or oil. When onions are cooked halfway and soft add in meat. Cook until brown. Add sugar and mix well. Will caramelize fast! Add in soy sauce and water. Simmer for 10 min. Serve over rice!


2 Responses to “Beef Hecka”

  1. Angela Ferguson Says:

    Does it taste sweet from the sugar?

  2. Bob Says:

    Looks great. I love a quick, simple dish.

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