TO DIE FOR – Shrimp Fettucini Alfredo – soooo easy!

Ok guys, here is my recipe for Shrimp Fettucini alfredo that is TO DIE FOR and as always it’s super cheap and easy!! I don’t currently have a pic of the finished product or even the cooking steps yet because it was devoured in no time flat and I was too impatient to try ! I wanted to eat it NOW! It’s that good. You will be surprised at how super simple, with very few ingredients it is , and you will never touch a “jar” of alfredo sauce again! (eeeeewww!) I’ll come back and add some more pics next time I make it.

So here we go!

1 pound fetuchini noodles – cooked

12 TBS of unsalted REAL Butter

1 1/3 cups of  HEAVY whipping cream. (NOT half and half, its just not the same!)

6 cloves of garlic

10 oz of  shaved or shredded parmesan cheese (two 5 oz containers shown below) (I prefer the SHAVED as seen in the picture, melts sooo much smoother!)

14 oz of uncooked peeled shrimp, or more if you prefer! 🙂


these are the brands I use, all found at walmart….


thats it! here’s how it goes down……


The big secret here is to cook it all LOW AND SLOW. let each step take it’s time.

Step 1. melt 12 Tbs of butter in a med. size sauce pan. on LOW heat!

Step 2. using a garlic press, mince  6 garlic cloves. add them to the butter. now SLOWLY let it simmer, stirring occasionally. let the juices cook out of the garlic for several min. you need to keep a good watch so as not to burn it. once you see that the garlic pieces are shrinking and things might be turning just the slightest bit brown then…..

Step 3. pour in 1 1/3 cups of heavy whipping cream. stir continuously until the cream heats up. (keep the burner on low!)

Step 4. Once the cream is hot, start adding in your cheese. Add it in a little at a time, while constantly stirring. simmer on low for about 10 min or so, stirring every min or so. you want to get all the cheese melted and thickened.

Step 5. once your noodles are ready and your sauce has thickened and simmers for a little while, add in your shrimp. Stir and cook for about 5 min until the shrimp are pink.

Step 6. remove from heat and serve over pasta !


THATS IT! SUPER EASY! so easy its almost not even a recipe! ha ha.  and oooooh so good! just remember, LOW and SLOW!

makes enough for a whole family. a little goes a long way!



Chicken & Stuffing Bake – a one dish wonder

A one dish wonder – Chicken & stuffing Bake


In continuing to keep things “cheap & easy” I offer you this recipe for this yummy one dish Chicken & Stuffing bake. You can make it as easy or as complicated as you want, and the flavor is warm, yummy, and just plain comfort food if you ask me!

Lets get started:

Whatcha need

  • 3 pounds skinless, boneless chicken breast meat
  • 2 (10.75 ounce) cans condensed cream of chicken soup
  • aprox 1 1/2 cups of milk
  • 1 can chicken broth
  • 2 (6 ounce) packages seasoned stuffing mix (reccomend Chicken flavor (our fav.) or cornbread)
  • 1 onion
  • 3-5 Garlic cloves (your choice)
  • (or onion powder and garlic powder can be substituted) (told ya it was easy!)
  • Salt & pepper to taste

    Preheat oven to 350

    Begin by dicing up some onion. We use about 1/2 of one onion, but your certainly welcome to use more. Cook to your familys tastes and feel free to tweak this and that!

    Peel and crush up your garlic cloves. Sautee onion and garlic in some butter. While those are softening up, cut up your chicken to bite sized pieces. Add chicken into the cooking onions and garlic. Now add a dash or two of salt and pepper. (also add your onion and garlic powder in now if you opted to use that instead of the actual veggies) To be honest I added a dash of them myself even though I used the actual veggies!

    Cook up your chicken until the middles are no longer pink.  Oh, I wanted to show you what type of chicken I used for this. I tried out a different brand and it was OH so flavorful! I don’t know what they put in these breasts but they were lightly sesasoned with somthing so yummy! really made the dish pop even more. I think I paid about six and a half dollars for this bag.

    While your chicken is cooking, dump two cans of cream of chicken soup into a bowl. (don’t throw away cans!)

    Now fill ONE of the cream of chicken cans with milk, and add to the bowl.  (ok, now you can throw away the cans 😉

    Wisk it all up so it’s nice and smooth


    Now place your cooked chicken into a greased (sprayed) 9×13 pan. (this one was slightly bigger than 9×13 so it doesnt fill it as well)

    pour your cream of chicken mixture over the chicken

    Now in another bowl pour in your stuffing mix. This is our favorite…


    but your welcome to use what ever you prefer. Cornbread stuffing would be good too.

    now pour your can of chicken broth into your bowl of stuffing


    mix really well until all the bread crumbs are moist

    now pour your wet stuffing into the pan and spread out. EASY PEASY!

    Now place in the oven on 350 for 40 min. make sure you bake it UNCOVERED so it won’t be a soggy mess!

    Now you have a nice crisp layer on the very top of mmm mmm goodness!

    Dish up and enjoy! Goes great with veggies and a nice tossed salad. I love mine with some buttered crusty bread (even though theres already technically a starch in the dish, I just LURVE my carbs 😉

    Super cheap and easy!!


    Grilled Kabobs, Garlic Corn, and Seasoned rice, equals Heaven!


    This is what my family had for dinner last night. Let me tell you how wonderful it is when your children start singing you praises and worship you, and your husband wants to propose all over again. This is the reception I got at dinner time. Yes it was THAT good! I know there are tons of Kabob recipes out there, but I would like to share with you what I did anyway, since it really did taste awesome. Everything I used was stuff we already had around the house. That it important to me, as I am not the type to go hunt out strange ingredients for a dish. I have three kids and one income, Let’s be reasonable here!

    So let’s get started!

    I do want to mention that I did all my prep work early in the day so that the meats could marinate for several hours. This is the key to great kabobs!


    So in the morning or early afternoon at the latest……


    First you want to soak your skewers ahead of time. This is so they do not burn while cooking. So throw them in a pan of water and forget about them.

     Now pull out some chicken breast, a couple steaks, and a bag of shrimp. If your meat is frozen, defrost that now.



    Now get you an onion or two and chop them up into hunks, set aside



    Grab a few green peppers (and red if you have them, i wish i did, it would have added great color) and chop them up into pieces as big as a quarter or so, set aside

    Now your veggie prep work is done! Don’t put them away though, we’ll use them in a min.


    let’s move on to the meat



    Shrimp is the easiest thing to prep so we will do that first so we can get the marinating started immediately. Start with a bag of  cleaned & peeled RAW shrimp. Don’t use pre-cooked, or they will be rubbery after cooking on the grill. Mine still have the tails on but that part is up to you.

    Put the shrimp into a bowl and pour on Italian salad dressing. That’s it! that’s all you have to do! mix it up well, cover, and stick it in your fridge. Shrimp is done! (see isn’t this easy!! that’s the reluctant chef way!)


    Moving on , let’s tackle the chicken!



    Chop your chicken into chunks. you don’t want them too big, but not too small that you can’t get on the skewer either. we’re looking for bite sized pieces. I’d say about an inch to an inch and a half.  Try to keep them uniform in size so that cooking time will be the same for all of them. Place chicken in a bowl.



    Now season with your favorite seasonings. I used our favorite season salt (sold only at our meat market so the brand name wouldn’t help you) I also used Onion power and a little garlic powder



    Add two tablespoons of honey. I think this step really took the chicken over the edge into Heaven sent. This honey came fresh, strait from my dad’s bee hive. Thank you bee’s! (oh and thank’s Dad 😉 My dad loves his bee’s. He has named every one of them, just don’t mention the name bruce to him. Bruse was his favorite bee until my mom stepped on him. He’s very sensitive about bruce. I’m kidding, no bee’s were harmed, but my kids love that joke. My dad even knits them little sweaters in the winter. Not really, that would just be silly, as it doesn’t get cold enough in Florida for sweaters! I know thats not true either, but work with me lol. ok ok, moving on!



    Now add you in a bottle of BBQ sauce. I believe this one was Honey Hickory flavored



    Mix it all up well


    Now toss in half of your vegetables. Don’t be afraid of this step! there is nothing wrong with letting your veggies touch your chicken here, because we are cooking it all together, and once the chicken is cooked, the bacteria will be cooked off your veggies too, so your veggies are safe! We want the oils and flavors of the onions and peppers to permeate and marinate through the meat to give it that extra punch!



    Mix it all up again ( I didn’t use many veggies as my kids won’t eat them in chunks like this, so I am doing it more for the flavor, you are welcome to use as many as you want!)


    Now cover and get in in the fridge!


    Moving on to the steak



    Chop up your steak much like you did your chicken, into uniform cubes



    Toss into a bowl



    add your favorite seasonings. I’m petty sure I used basically the same as I did for the chicken



    Now I poured in a bottle of Stubb’s steak marinade. I think it’s important to know that you don’t have to marinade all of your meats in the same thing, just because its cooking together. WE want to bring out the individual flavors, so don’t be afraid to mix it up! As you can see I did something different with all three meats, as I wanted to bring out the best of each meat.



    Now add you in a couple shakes of Worshestshire sauce, I also added what was left of my A1 steak sauce. Prob a few Tablespoons. Notice I don’t have exact measurements. That’s ok! You can’t really go wrong here, just go with your gut, you know what you like!



    Mix it up.


    toss in the rest of your veggies, mix again, cover and refrigerate

     Meat is DONE!

    Now let’s prep the corn to make it even easier at cooking time




    Get you a small bowl and throw in a couple tablespoons of either butter or margarine. just make sure its soft enough to be spreadable. Add in a few tablespoons of Garlic powder. Trust Me!



    Mix it all up. I stopped adding garlic when I could start to see the seasoning floating in the butter



    Now take you some frozen corn cobs (like I said stuff I had lying around already, and it’s convenient!) And lay them on Two sheets of foil



    Smear on your butter mixture and salt them



    Wrap them up tightly and pinch the ends closed. stick them back into the freezer until your ready to cook!


    Now, when dinner time rolls around, preheat  your grill. While the grill is going, assemble your kabobs. You’ll want to work fast, or get some help depending on how much meat you prepared, so your coals don’t get too cold (unless your gas grilling then never mind 😉  


    Assembled chicken skewers (this is only about half of what I made)


    I assembled all the meat separately in case they cooked at different times. That way the kids could also choose what they wanted to eat without wasted food as well



    You SHOULD, however, cook the shrimp separately anyway, as it cooks VERY fast, and if you leave it on too long it will be a rubbery mess. I cooked these last until they were just pink and opaque




    Before you add your meat to the grill , carefully oil the grate with some olive oil to prevent sticking. I cooked the meat in two batches as I made a ton of food. you want to cook the kabobs on a low heat. Ideally the corn should be cooked at a high heat, so you can throw them on the grill while your assembling your kabobs, they only take about 10-15 min on high heat, but what I ended up doing was throwing them on the grill at the low heat with the kabobs and just leaving them on the whole time that the meat batches were cooking. It worked out nicely for me.



    Don’t mind my rusty seasoned work horse of a smoker, It’s clean I promise



    When all is done it will look like this! Oh man I can still taste it! The garlic corn was amazing. The aroma alone when you open the packet was incredible. The taste is knee buckling.

    Somewhere in the middle of Grilling I whipped up a batch of seasoned rice to lay under the meat. I didn’t have a chance to snap any pictures as I was elbow deep in cooking everything else, but here’s what I did.


    Boil 4 cups of water in a pot. Add in 4 cubes of chicken bouillon, 1 tbsp season salt, 1 tsp lemon pepper seasoning (measurments are close guesses) when water is boiling remove from heat and add in 4 cups of instant rice. Cover and let set at least 10 min or until the rest of your food is cooked. EASY! and it was light, refreshing, and really good! the entire family loved it, it was a perfect compliment to the meat.



    I hope you try this and ENJOY!




    Beef Hecka



    Two days ago my kids and I got trapped inside walmart for a Lock down during a tornado. It was scary stuff. We quickly lost power in the store and the front doors shattered. The wind was whipping around all the hanging signs, the thunder was booming monstrously. Did I mention it was scary stuff? After the main danger has past Walmart decided to kick everyone out into the storm since their power was still out. Nice. The point of all this on my cooking blog, is that we had to leave our shopping cart and head home battling the storm with no food or supplies. Nice. (again) Which brings us to today’s recipe. We didn’t have much food left at home except for some staples, hence the outing to the grocery store. So I whipped up a meal that I grew up with that required very little ingredients. My mother has always called it Beef Hecka. But I hate that name, so personally I refer it to my family as beef and rice. However, since in the recipe world beef and rice could mean millions of things,  I went ahead and let you in on what the recipes is really called. True to Reluctant chef form, this recipe is simple and delicious!

    Let’s get started.

    (on a quick side note…. I just noticed that when I go on to this website on my laptop all the pictures are cut in half 😦  My main computer has a monster 27 inch monitor so I have been making all my pics big and bold, not realizing that it would hack off part of the picture for people with average sized monitors . So from now on I will be scaling down my pics, at least for the horizontal ones. My apologies for anyone who has experienced this issue!)



    Slice up one onion



    Slice up some steaks in thin strips. (this one here is a london broil freshly cut strait from the cow just for me from my meat market butcher. mmmmm!) I am SO a carnivore!



    To feed a family of five, I cut up about 3 steaks. I’d say it was around 3 pounds or so



    Drizzle some olive oil (or butter if you don’t have any oil) in a hot pan and saute your onions until they are soft or about half way done (since onions take longer to cook)




    toss in your meat and stir. continue to stir until brown



    like this




    add in 1/2 cup of sugar and mix well



    this will caramelize the meat. It brown’s quick so let’s move on fast



    pour in 1 cup of water  and 1 cup of soy sauce



    Let simmer for 10 min, it will reduce down a bit. Now serve over rice! don’t forget to pour some of the sauce over your rice, it is mmm mm good!






    this recipe is easily halved if making smaller portions. Enjoy!


    Beef Hecka


    3 pounds sliced steak

    1 onion

    1/2 cup sugar

    1 cup soy sauce

    1 cup water

    Cooked white rice


    Brown onions in small amount of grease or oil. When onions are cooked halfway and soft add in meat. Cook until brown. Add sugar and mix well. Will caramelize fast! Add in soy sauce and water. Simmer for 10 min. Serve over rice!

    2 for 1 – Thick and Chunky Chicken Noodle Soup

    Are you feeling the pinch of the economy? Looking for ways to stretch your grocery budget? Let’s face it, who couldn’t stand to save more money? Well here’s a wonderful recipe that not only saves you money, its EASY! Oh and did I mention its delicious too? This is a recipe that I have adapted over time starting with a soup that my mother used to make me when I was sick. I tweaked a bit to fit my current cooking style/ needs, and it’s been a hit every time!  What’s really great about this recipe is that it uses leftovers!

    let’s begin!

    Day 1:   

    Start with two whole chicken fryers . Fryers are cheap! they run me about $3.50 – $4.00 at wally world. Rinse chickens very well inside and out. Place in baking dish breast side up.




    drizzle them with olive oil



    Now grab you a bottle of this:


    McCormick Grill mates Chicken Rub



    Evenly coat both sides of each chicken



    Until it looks like this





    Bake Chickens at 375 degrees for 1 1/2 hour – 1 hour 45 min



    Carve chickens and serve!


    AFTER DINNER:  Allow chicken carcasses and stock to cool completely




    De-bone chicken carcasses. Be careful of small bones!



    Tear into bite sized pieces and place pulled chicken as well as any leftover chicken from tonight’s meal into a dish. Now I must say, I feed a family of 5, and that includes a husband well over 6 feet tall, and two growing boys, (one a teenager, and one a pre-teen) PLUS we also had a guest for dinner, and we STILL managed to have this much meat left over. If for some reason you end up with not enough, it’s simple to throw in a couple cheap chicken thighs or a chicken breast if need be.



    Now your left with all of this wonderfully SEASONED chicken stock. Carefully go through the stock one more time checking for small bones




    Pour stock on top of chicken pieces




    Cover and refrigerate for the next day. If you are planning to freeze for a later day, I suggest refrigerating it over night first, as it makes the next step easier




    Here is the chicken & stock after sitting overnight in the refrigerator. We want to now skim off all the yellow fat that has risen and settled on the top.



    So with a spoon, start skimming off the fat. It will be soft like pudding



    It will now look like this . The stock will have formed into a gelatin like substance. (  I know, this has not been a pretty process so far, but it gets better I promise!)  Now if you want to be able to remove even more fat, you can skip the step of pouring the stock in over the left over chicken and refrigerate them separately, but I didn’t want the chicken drying out, and preferred for them to marinate in the seasoned stock over night. Plus I don’t consider a bowl of pasta a very low fat meal to begin with, so a tiny bit of fat only adds to the flavor in my opinion, but you do whatever works best for you!


     Pour chicken & Stock into a large pot. I tend to use my (OLD)  pressure cooker shown here, because it is a nice tall pot, which helps when doing lots of boiling. HOWEVER, if you do choose to use a pressure cooker, do not put the lid on the pressure cooker! we are just using it as a normal pot!



    Cover chicken and stock with water and turn on stove to medium high. (if you have numbers on your stove I use around 7 or 8  )  don’t fill the whole pot as we need room for the carrots, and you can always add more water later. As you can see here I still have a little bit of fat  in there. That part is up to you.



    Now Unwrap 14 or 15 Chicken flavored bouillon cubes




    Add Bouillon cubes to pot.



    While the pot starts to boil and melt the  stock, Slice you up a bunch of carrots. Again, how many you want is up to you. We like carrots so I use close to all of a small bag



    Don’t cut them too thick or they will take a long time to cook. Try to get them as even and uniform as you can so that they will all be done around the same time.



    Now add your carrots to the boiling pot. Let boil.



    Add water if needed



    After about 10 min or so check the carrots. You want them to be soft and cooked through.




    Once your carrots are soft, grab you a 12 oz bag of spiral noodles



    and dump the whole bag into the pot. yup the whole bag. The noodles cook the fastest, so it’s important to wait until the carrots are done before you add the noodles



    Stir everything up (hey where’s my spoon?)  And continue to boil. Stirring occasionally so that nothing sticks and burns to the bottom.



    Add water again whenever needed. Now we like our soup thick and chunky so I tend to let it boil down. I don’t care for soup that’s too brothy.



    When noodles are soft, this is what you get!  Nice thick and chunky homemade comfort food Chicken noodle soup!


    This one pot feeds all five of us, usually with a bowl or so left over for tomorrow’s lunch. It tastes as great the next day as the day you cook it, however, after it sits overnight it does soak up all the liquid. I actually like that it does that. So if you were to cook the soup the night before, you could actually use it as a noodle side dish! This meal is so versatile!



    So there you have it! Two chickens, two very cheap meals! Money saved with happy tummies!

    I hope you will try it!


    Lets take another look at how easy it was using such few a(and inexpensive) ingredients! TWO MEALS with only SIX  inexspensive ingredients!



    Thick and chunky Chicken Noodle Soup


    2 chicken fryers

    McCormick Chicken rub

    Olive oil



    14 chicken bouillon cubes

    12 oz bag of spiral noodles



    Wash chickens and pat dry. Place chickens in baking dish. Drizzle with olive oil and cover with chicken rub seasoning. Bake at 375 for 1 1/2 hours to 1 hour 45 min

    Carve and serve

    Cool chicken carkasses 

    De bone

    Pour chicken stock over remaining chicken (or skip this step and store them seperately, you choose)

    Refrigerate , or freeze


    Remove chicken fat from stock, and pour chickens/stock in large pot. Cover with water and turn on medium high. Add 14 bouillon cubes. Slice carrots and add to boiling water.  Once carrots are soft add 12 oz bag of spiral noodles. Add water if needed. Boil until noodles are soft







    Broccoli Cheese Garlic Crossants, and the Winner!


    THE WINNER:   First of all I am behind in announcing the winner of the Jewel Tone Measuring cups. The Winner is Jennifer Herring!   Yay! Congrats Jennifer, I will be in touch with you to get your snail mail addy to get these purty things off to you!  I learned a few things after this first give-away. First of all people love free stuff! I had more hits than I’ve ever had while running this contest. Second, measuring cups are a little boring. lol. Out of all the visits, not many people commented to participate.  And that’s ok! I know that a single set of measuring cups isn’t very sexy. So this little trial lets me know that people ARE out there reading and they want bigger and more excited prizes! Not to worry. I knew it would most likely go that way. I wanted to start off small to see what the turn out would be. Soooooo, more exciting giveaways coming soon! 😉


    Now for today’s recipe.Today’s recipe is easy!!! Have you noticed I like easy yet? 😉  I must confess, I am running out of food in the house. We are going out of town this weekend and so I have put off grocery shopping and doing my best to scrounge up meals with whatever is left in the house. Lunches are the hardest for me. I’m not sure why. I guess I tend to lean toward lunches that don’t take much time or ingredients to prepare. And its getting Booooooring! I was soooo craving something that took more than two ingredients today. So I scrounged around in my fridge and found a lone can of croissants. This peaked my interest. I then found the remains of a bag of frozen broccoli. My tongue started to tingle! Oh whats that? Cheese? alright! We’ve got ourselves a meal! Lets go!


    So I made Broccoli cheese garlic croissants. I don’t claim to be the first to ever try this, just think of it as a nifty reminder if you ever get the hankering for “complicated flavor but super easy to cook” !


    let us begin……


    First I steamed my broccoli in the microwave.



    open a can of croissants and pull apart the pieces.  Lay out one piece on a plate



    Spoon some of your cooked broccoli onto the croissant at the widest point



    sprinkle on some cheese. Here I used a mixed blend



    Go on, really dump it on 😉



    Now at the widest end start to roll it all up. because of the heat of the cooked broccoli, the pastry will be soft and pliable and easier to pull over the broccoli



    Place in a greased baking dish




    Repeat process until all pastries are used. Now I almost stopped here, but I got to thinking, this needs something…



    so melt you some butter and brush it all over the tops of each pastry



    Now lightly sprinkle some garlic powder across the tops. Trust me!



    Pop them in the oven for about 10 min at 350, until they are golden brown…..



    LIKE THIS. oooohhh let me tell you the warm garlic butter smell alone is enough to make your mouth water. Not only did the garlic add so much to the taste, but it also provides a purty golden brown color on top. These would be great as hor’ derv’s for parties, as appetisers, or even a meal! (like I did 🙂  )


    Now eat and enjoy!! I can not tell you how this deliciousness brought me to my knees today! It’s that mmmmm mmmmm GOOD! light, flaky, buttery cheesy, oooooooh!






    Hope you will try it!




    Chicken Divan

    I can’t have a cooking blog and not share with you my most favorite homemade dish of all time. It is called Chicken Divan. Its a family recipe, and it is deeply loved by all who have tried it. All that is except for my husband, and that’s only because he is highly allergic to mayonnaise. Because of his allergy however, I have not actually had Chicken Divan in several years. A problem that I decided needed to be rectified immediately!! So I whipped up a batch today and decided it was time to share the Secret Family Recipe, I must really love you guys 😉






    The Cast and Crew:

    3 Large Chicken Breasts

    2 packages of frozen broccoli (optional, or as my brother would say, broccoli isn’t even an option!)

    1 cup grated cheddar cheese (divided)

    paprika (not shown in pic)



    2 cans cram of chicken soup

    1 cup of mayonnaise , Hellmans – NOT salad dressing

    1 small carton of sour cream

    1 TBSP lemon juice

    1 tsp Curry Powder





    Step 1 – cook chicken (debone if necessary)



    Step 2 –  Steam Broccoli



    Step 3 – While the chicken and broccoli are cooking, start making the sauce. Pour two cans of cream of chicken soup into a mixing bowl (or most of one large can)



    step 4 – add 1 cup mayo, 1 small carton of sour cream (or half of a large), 1 TBSP of Lemon juice, (yes you need the lemon juice)



    Step 5 – now here’s where the magic happens! Add in 1 tsp of Curry Powder (oh my sweet curry, how I love you so)



    Step 6 – Mix well, (oh my mouth is watering from the heavenly smell!)



    It will look like this – try not to lick the bowl when the heavenly smells waft towards you. oh we’re getting close!!




    Step 7 –  in a greased 9×13 inch pan, cover bottom of pan with broccoli. (in the original recipe this is where you would sprinkle Parmesan cheese over the broccoli, but I don’t eat parm, so you won’t see it here)




    Step 8 – Add cut up cooked chicken on top of the broccoli



    Step 9 – sprinkle 1/2 cup shredded cheddar on top of chicken. But lets be honest here, when it it comes to cheese, I never measure. I usually use more than called for as well



    Step 10 – Pour sauce over the cheese, oh its coming together and I’m starting to get excited!



    Step 11 – spread evenly, lick the spoon if you must 😉



    Step 12 – Sprinkle remaining cheese over sauce

    Here’s where I failed you, you would now sprinkle paprika on top of the cheese. But alas I was so excited I forgot to check to see if I had any, and I do not. Lucky for me the paprika is mainly for color and doesn’t add much flavor, but when you do use it, it adds a bit of pretty oomph


    Step 13 – bake in oven for aprox 30 – 40 min. in a 350 oven




    Step 14 – while it is baking, cook your rice. If I am cooking for a lot of people I will use my rice cooker, but since this is just for my lunches this week, I made some instant rice on the stove




    Step 15 – remove from oven, this is what it will look like after 30 min ( I just couldn’t wait another second! If you used paprika it will have a very pretty red color on the top, and if you leave it in a few more min the top will brown lightly. But I just had to have it NOW!



    Step 16 – Serve over rice and ENJOY!!!!


    Hope you fall in love with it as much as I did! Oh and this is definitely NOT a low fat calorie free food! lol. but it sure is comfort food! I’m considering renaming it Chicken DEVINE!



    3 Large Chicken Breasts

    2 packages of frozen broccoli (optional, or as my brother would say, broccoli isn’t even an option!)

    1 cup grated cheddar cheese (divided)

    paprika (not shown in pic)



    2 cans cram of chicken soup

    1 cup of mayonnaise , Hellmans – NOT salad dressing

    1 small carton of sour cream

    1 TBSP lemon juice

    1 tsp Curry Powder





    – Cook chicken & cut up into pieces

    – Cook & Drain broccoli (optional)

    – Sprinkle Parmesan cheese over broccoli (optional)

    – place chicken over broccoli

    – sprinkle chicken with 1/2 cup shredded cheddar cheese

    – pour sauce evenly over cheese

    – Sprinkle second 1/2 cup of cheese over sauce

    – Sprinkle paprika on for color (optional)

    – Bake in 350 oven for 30-40 min

    – serve over rice

    EAT & ENJOY!