Favorite thing Friday – Nesting bowls

This installation of Favorite Thing Friday is about….


I love nesting bowls. Its becoming an addiction. I have been planning this post for over a month now, but wasn’t sure when it would ever get posted because I keep adding to my collection. I was surprised to see that one of my very favorite bloggers “PW”  made almost this exact same post just the other day! We even have some of the same bowls! Too cool. Maybe this will be a start of some sort of Bowl Lover Movement or something. Ooooor maybe not. But back to the topic. 

I love bowls. I love COLOR.  I love Colored bowls! I love NESTING bowls! bowls with spouts! bowls with lids! and if your really lucky, bowls with Rubber bottoms! Ooooohhhhhh aaaaaaahhhhhhhh!!

In my personal opinion, you can never have enough bowls. Especially for cooking. But the fun doesn’t stop there! oh no, we use bowls for millions of things! dog bowls, bowls to hold glitter, popcorn bowls, cereal bowls, bowls to hold leggo’s, the list goes on and on! But when you are cooking, bowls of all sizes truly are a MUST! It certainly makes or breaks my cooking experience. If I can’t find a proper sized bowl for the task it throws a wrench into my whole cooking experience and brings my whole process to a screeching halt. Not that that will ever be a problem for me anymore with my ever growing collection of bowls 🙂

Let me share with you some of my favorites! (fair warning, this post is very pic heavy so please be patient!)


We’ll start with a set that has it all;  a handle, a spout, they have gorgeous COLOR, they nest, and have RUBBER on the bottom to prevent movement and slipping!




Aren’t they beautiful?? Yes bowls can be beautiful! These “batter bowls” have such gorgeous spring colors. I purchased them “like new” on Ebay. I really really wish I knew who made them, as there are no markings on them that say where they originated from, and they are such wonderful bowls, I would love to have a back up set! But alas, I’ve never seen another set like them. Don’t they make you get excited for spring??






These are fun “terra cotta” looking bowls. Bold lucious colors, they nest, which is very important, as I would not be able to store all of these bowls that I have if they didn’t nest!  These also have RUBBER on the bottom! which is an excellent feature when cracking eggs! I purchased these from Good Ol’ Wally World. Love love love these bowls!






These were a fun little find. I got these at Target in the dollar spot section! I couldn’t resist the purty colors and for only one dollar! They don’t look it here, but they are large mixing bowls and are big enough for popcorn for the whole family!





These are also a Wally World find. There are only two, but they nest, and they are elegant enough for company. The bigger one is huge, its actually the largest bowl I have. The pics really don’t due justice the the bowls’ size. Great for a nice big salad!




These are my “pinch bowls” they are from Pampered chef, and are adorable handy little things! I use them to pre-measure vanilla and spices and things of that nature when I get ready to start a recipe, oooh and they each have their own lids! very awsome.




Yet another Wally World find. These nesting bowls are special because not only are they Purty, but they each have lids, AND they are stainless steel inside. Very handy bowls. I would have taken a pic of them nesting as well, but the little green one currently has leftover icing in it. I Know right, leftover icing, who can imagine that?




These are 10 glass nesting bowls. I think there is a size here for just about anything and everything! Most of them are great prep bowl sizes, while the largest 3 or 4 sizes are mixing bowls or serving bowls. The smallest bowl is so tiny, its just the cutest thing. It’s probably the reason I wanted the whole set, for that one cute little tiny pinch bowl, lol. Purchased at Walmart, at a great price for so many bowls!




The following bowls were an awesome find indeed. I ran across these bowls on Ebay, and the price was just too good to be true! In fact it was, the seller made an error in the auction and was auctioning off two for the price of one. He was nice and honest enough to honor it, So I got two sets for an awesome price! I’ve got one of them put aside and am considering using it as a giveaway soon if I can bare to part with them. So stay tuned if you want a chance to win a set of Free bowls! More free giveaways coming soon too!


Aren’t they so purty?





Here is a fun set! Its a batter bowl with matching prep bowls. Found on Ebay, purchased “New – never been used”, and I’ve never seen a set like it before! PLUS a suprise bonus, the prep bowls are also MEASUREING CUPS!  Bonus! and a fun pattern to boot!  Ohh and it also has the cutest little pinch bowl too! Just adorable.





These bowls are actually our eating bowls. We use them for cereal, soup, and ice cream mostly. I wanted to include them because I love their color. they are great bowls.  


So those are my favorite bowls!


Here are the bowls that are next in line to join my kitchen!!




0006356242276_500x500            0006356247717_500x500


I’m Waiting until these great batter bowls get back in stock, LOVE the colors , and the second set I can see myself totally using in the fall! They both have handles, pour spouts and RUBBER on the bottoms! Whoot! Great prices too!



This is a set of nesting mixing bowls by Pyrex. The print is called Woodland. It was made in the 60’s and is very hard to find! They are very heavy too so shipping is pretty high. I know they aren’t my usual flashy colorful style, BUT I am a lover of  BROWN and I already have the matching set of Casserole dishes. I’ve seen several sets of these that have the princess handles on them, but I’d prefer the nesting set without handles. So on I search!





Here are a few bowls that I would  like to have!!! 🙂




Ohhhhh these bowls are LOVELY. They are from Williams-Sonoma and retail for $160 . Yikes! That is the only reason these sweet bowls are not sitting in my kitchen right now !





All of these sassy bowls can be found at Target.com , oh my aren’t they all just YUMMY! mmmm mmmm mmmmm, I want, I want, I want them all!





Ahh more Kitchenaid Cook for the Cure product! These bowls are pretty in Pink, large, and are for a great cause!



Aren’t these little bowls Purty! These would be so much fun to have in the kitchen




 Saw these on ebay, they are so pretty but pricey. Wish I knew where they originate from





Do these bowls really need an introduction?? I mean come on, thy are COW PRINT! with Pink! These are so ME! Too bad they are hard to find and are a bit more than I want to spend on bowls at the moment. But they are sooo cute!



 There are so many wonderful bowl sets out in the world today. I couldn’t believe how expensive they can be! I left most of the high dollars ones that I like out of this post, because frankly I seriously doubt I’ll be seeing any of them in my kitchen any time soon.


So there you have it, My name is Judy and I’m a nesting bowl ADDICT!  🙂



It’s HERE! Color revealed!


It’s HERE! and its PINK!!


 Yes fellow chef’s and reluctant chef’s, my new Kitchenaid Stand Mixer is HERE!!!!!!!!! So exciting! The color choices were a bit tough. There are so many different choices. I could have gone with a blue to match my kitchen, but this pink one won my heart. What girl wouldn’t want a pink mixer?? lol!  Oh and it’s not just any pink, its Komen Pink! This is a Limited Edition color, and for every Komen Pink Stand Mixer sold, Kitchenaid donates $50 to the Komen Breast Cancer Foundation! How cool is that?? I support Komen when ever I can, the Komen walks are a lot of fun, and I do it in my Daughters name, because I am doing it for her and her health.


This little splash of pink looks so nice in my blue kitchen! I’m lovin it already and I haven’t even plugged it in yet, lol! It comes with a  5 qt stainless mixing bowl, a wire wisk (not shown in picture, it was in the bowl) , a flat beater, a dough hook, and a pour spout lid (that also helps with splashing) , Niiiiice!

Mark has requested that my first adventure with my new mixer be cookies, so I am making my cookie monster his favorite chocolate chip cookies, from scratch! cause it’s easy now! 🙂

Just wanted to share the excitement!  COOK FOR THE CURE!